Citizens Advice Bureau Reveal Interesting Statistics About Tenants Facing Eviction

In the last few days, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has revealed some interesting statistics on their website about the number of tenants facing eviction by landlords from the privately rented properties that they are living in. We thought that we would share these figures with you.

There are some interesting statistics provided by the Citizens Advice Bureau about tenants facing eviction
Interesting statistics have been provided by the Citizens Advice Bureau about tenants facing eviction

Apparently, the CAB has seen a significant rise in the number of tenants facing the possibility of being evicted from privately rented properties even if they are not behind with their rental payments. In 2013/2014, the number of tenants seeking help from the CAB that were not in rent arrears exceeded 5,000 which was a 38% increase on the previous year.

Another interesting statistic is that the CAB say that evictions from private rented properties has the biggest impact in homelessness that they come across from their customers. Last year, 10% of the 80,000 homelessness cases were due to such evictions.

The reasons why these tenants are facing eviction that the CAB are being given by their clients when they contact the CAB include being requested by the landlord to make repairs, the amount of the rent is being increased to a point where the tenant cannot afford the proposed increase and the landlord has made a decision to sell the investment property.

This increase seems to tie in with the significant rise in property prices that we have been seeing as some landlords are no doubt deciding to sell to take the profit that they have made on the increase in the value of the property. They could also decide that as the property is worth more then a rental increase is warranted.

Anyway, we thought that we would just share the above information with you but would welcome the views of landlords that visit our website to see what your thoughts are on these concerning figures.

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