Large Percentage Of Tenants Happy With Their Landlord

According to a survey that has been carried out there is a large % of tenants that are happy with their landlords. This has to be good news for the landlord’s profession as a whole. BDRC Continental undertook the survey for Paragon Mortgages and it makes for interesting reading.

A large number of tenants are perfectly happy with their landlord whom they rent a property from.
According to a survey, a high percentage of tenants are happy with their landlord.

The survey revealed that 79% of tenants were satisfied with the landlord that rented out a residential property to them. Another interesting response by tenants was that 69% of them were of the opinion that the rent they pay was either good or very good value.

Now, you may think that when someone rents a property from a landlord that they perhaps don’t really view the property as their home but somewhere that they are just living in temporarily. Well, according to the survey, 85% of those tenants taking part in the survey felt that the property was their home and we are sure that you will agree that is a very positive attitude to take. Could this also be viewed as further confirmation that such tenants get on well with their landlords?

Another interesting statistic was the length of time that a tenant is spending in their present property that they are renting out. A tenant is spending an average of almost 7 years in their present property and has spent a total of almost 13 years within the private rental sector. This later statistic may be a reflection of the fact that many people have difficulty in getting a mortgage to buy a property of their own to live in due to the recession that hit the UK a few years ago.

If you are a landlord, we trust that you have found the above information to be of interest. Hopefully, it will provide you with some reassurance that, in the main, the business relationship between the landlord and the tenant is a good one.

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