Letting To Tenants With Pets

It is a fact that there are not as many properties available for rental where landlords allow tenants to keep their pets in the property when compared with those landlords that do make such a concession. Of course, it is well known that there are still many tenants that do bring their pets into a property that they are renting even though they are not supposed to do – it is difficult to police this situation.

People that own dogs and cats can make excellent tenants
Have you considered renting out your property to a tenant with a dog and cat?

We can understand the reasoning behind why someone would not wish the likes of dogs and cats to take up occupancy in their investment property. Yes, such pets can cause damage and dirt to the chairs, sofa and bedding in the property. You could find yourself with dog mess to clear up in the back garden when the tenant vacates the property. There may be the need to remove dog odour in the property by opening the windows for an extended period of time and getting the air freshener and fabric cleaner out.

However, you may be missing an opportunity here. There are many people looking for rental accommodation that do have pets and they are no doubt quite prepared to pay more in rent for the privilege.

Not only could you charge more in rent but you could take a larger deposit than normal to cover the potential additional cost of cleaning the property and replacing any damaged items. These things could all be incorporated within the rental agreement.

It is also worth noting that a tenant with a pet is more likely to remain in your rental property for an extended period of time as pet-owners do struggle to find suitable accommodation. So, once they are in-situ, they are less likely to want to have to start looking for alternative pet-friendly accommodation.

Yes, you or the letting agent may need to make more frequent inspections of the property but this can all be reflected in the monthly rental your tenant pays you.

So, why not consider letting to a tenant with a pet. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that it may potentially be less troublesome than you had first thought.

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