Research Reveals Significant Number of Tenants Are Misbehaving

Did you know that there are around 8.3 million tenants in the UK and quite a few of those are proving to be less than perfect? This is based on research conducted by AXA.

a considerable % of tenants breach the tenancy agreement by keeping a pet in the rented property
A significant percentage of tenants keep a pet in the rented property without the permission of the landlord

Apparently, not far off 60% of tenants have confirmed that they have broken the conditions within their rental agreement. We are sure that you will agree this is a huge number of people and is cause for concern. Perhaps this brings into question the procedures a number of landlords must be following, or not, when assessing the suitability of tenants to take up occupancy in their properties.

Another concerning statistic was that about 33% of tenants broke the law as far as renting a property was concerned. This could include things like theft from the owner of the property or committing a criminal offence at the property they are renting. A staggering 10% of tenants admitted to have done a “disappearing act” to avoid making payment to the landlord.

We are a nation of pet-lovers but some landlords do make it a condition of the rental that no pets are to be kept at the property. Apparently, 18% of tenants have breached this condition by having a pet in the rented property.

An interesting statistic was that 8% of tenants have actually sub-let the property without the approval of the landlord. This reinforces the need for the landlord or the managing agent to periodically visit the property to check who is actually residing in it. The research revealed that about 33% of landlords do not call around at their rented property whilst the tenant is in occupancy.

Nobody likes noisy neighbours but 15% of tenants made so much noise that other people in the neighbourhood raised complaints about this.

It is interesting that a huge 38% of landlords do not bother to undertake any form of checks on the prospective tenant. Only 31% undertake a credit check, 29% ask the previous landlord for a reference and a mere 27% request a reference from the prospective tenant’s employer.

Whilst an improvement on the previous research undertaken at the start of 2013, there are still 25% of rentals that have no formal agreement in place.

So, it appears from the research, that landlords need to enhance their procedures for vetting prospective tenants and monitoring existing ones.

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