The Pros And Cons Of Renting To Tenants With Pets

As a landlord you will have had to make some decisions with regard to who your target market is that you wish to let out your investment property to. For instance, you may have purchased a large four bedroomed terraced property close to a university to appeal to students, you may have bought a one bedroomed flat in a prime location with a view to renting to a professional couple or you could have invested in a three bedroomed detached house to let out to a family.

If you are a landlord and looking to rent out a property then you will need to decide if you are prepared to allow tenants that own a pet
As a landlord, you should be aware that there are reasons for and against renting out a property to tenants with a dog.

One of the things that you, as a landlord, will also need to consider and make a decision about is whether you are prepared to allow the tenants to have a pet such as a dog living in the property. In deciding, you should bear in mind that there are reasons for and against renting to tenants with pets.

For instance, if you are looking to let out a family home then you will find that some interested families will be pet owners with the favourites being dogs and/or cats. By agreeing to accept such pets under the tenancy agreement, you are increasing the number of potential tenants and you could also possibly charge a little more in rent to a family that has a pet than one that does not.

However, renting out a property to pet owners increases the risk of your investment property being damaged by the pet. For instance, a dog could urinate on the carpet, scratch the doors or rip the fabric on a settee. This could involve you in a great deal of inconvenience and potential additional expense if the tenant did not make good the damage. Should that particular tenant move out at the end of their tenancy agreement, your property could be left with pet odours that may take some effort and expense to get rid of or, if you chose to try and find new tenants without getting rid of the smell, may put prospective tenants off.

So, as you can see, as a landlord, there are pros and cons of renting out your investment property to tenants with pets. Ultimately, the choice is yours as to whether you permit it or not.

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