UK Drops To 25th In EU Buy to Let Rental Yield

As a landlord you will no doubt be seeking to obtain the best rental income yield possible on your investment property as well as hoping for a progressive increase in the property’s value. So, how is the UK doing in respect of rental yields in comparison to other countries in the European Union (EU)?

Well, according to WorldFirst’s European Buy to Let league table, the UK has unfortunately seen its placing fall to 25th in respect of average rental yields on buy to let properties. Here in the UK the average yield is 4%. It is disappointing to see that the UK is now fifth from bottom of the league table with Austria, France, Croatia and Sweden below us. Sweden is at the bottom of the league table with an average rental yield of 3.03%.

So, which EU country is at the top of the table? Well, you would only have to travel over the Irish Sea to Ireland that features in number one spot with an average rental yield of 7.08%. That is a significant difference to that of the UK.

In second place is Malta with an average rental yield of 6.64%, in third place is Portugal at 6.43%, in fourth place is Netherlands on 6.27% and in fifth place is Slovakia with an average rental yield of 6.12%.

Apparently, in the space of 12 months the average rental yield on buy to let properties here in the UK has dropped from 4.91% to the above figure of 4%. That seems to be quite a significant fall in that space of time. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why there has been a fall in the number of landlords here in the UK.

It will be interesting to see what happens with rental yields achieved by landlords on buy to let properties here in the UK over the next 12 months and if there is a continued reduction in the number of people deciding to become landlords or existing landlords deciding to sell up and leave the buy to let sector.

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