What Makes A Good Landlord

The majority of landlords provide their tenants with suitable, well-maintained accommodation that is comfortable to live in. So, let’s have a look at some of the other things that makes a good landlord.

A good landlord should do a variety of things such as making sure the property is safe and comfortable for the tenant to live in
We highlight a few things that make a good landlord

Tenancy Agreement

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement should be drawn up and signed by all parties. This will cover things like the amount of rent that is to be paid, the length of the tenancy and what each party is obliged to do.


Make sure that the amount of rent being charged is reasonable. Charging a tenant a vastly inflated amount each month may result in him or her finding alternative accommodation.


It is important that the property to be let out is safe for the tenant to live in. For instance, the gas appliances should be checked by an engineer that is “Gas Safe” registered. The electrical appliances must also be checked annually by an authorized person. Fire alarms should be in good working order.


When the tenant gives the landlord a deposit this must be protected within a scheme that is authorized by the government.

Energy Performance Certificate

The majority of properties should have an Energy Performance Certificate that shows how energy efficient the property is.


An inventory of what the landlord is providing in the property should be made available and signed by all parties. This will cover things like what furniture, cutlery and white goods are being provided.


If the tenant contacts the landlord about a problem to either the building or any of its contents then the landlord should investigate and deal with the matter promptly.

Join a Professional Organisation

It looks good if a landlord is a member of something like the National Landlords Association (NLA).

Maintain Contact

A landlord will want to make sure that the property and its contents are being well maintained by the tenant but without being intrusive.

We trust that the above proves helpful to a landlord and prospective tenants of rental properties.

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