Would Your Tenant Tell You If They Damaged The Property?

One of the potential problems with letting out a property is if a tenant damages the property or the fittings or contents. One would hope that your tenant would own up to having caused the damage. Hopefully, your property will not be damaged but, if it does, you will no doubt have suitable landlord insurance in place to cover such eventualities.

Damage to a tenanted property should be reported.
Tenants should report damage to a property they are renting to the landlord or letting agent.

Well, a survey carried out by YouGov for The House Shop provides some interesting information about the damage to properties that are rented out caused by tenants. It is concerning to hear that 27% of tenants would not inform their landlord if they damaged the property in a major way. That is a very high figure and disappointing to hear about. Of those, 1% would do what they could to hide any damage, 11% would do their own repair work and 15% would use the services of a tradesperson to carry out the repair work.

Apparently, 58% of tenants would inform their landlord about the damage to the property. Of those, 27% would wait to be asked if they had to meet any of the repair costs, 7% of tenants would actually make an offer of contributing towards the cost and 24% of tenants would inform the landlord that he or she was quite prepared to meet the full cost of the repair work.

Obviously, it would be preferable if landlords could either carry out regular inspections themselves of the property that is being let out or use the services of a letting agent who manages the tenancy to do such inspections. Hopefully, this will help identify any damage problems although it has to be said that it would also be preferable if the tenant/landlord relationship were a trusting one whereby the tenant immediately reported any damage no matter how small to the landlord or letting agent.

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