Cost vs Quality Of Cover

If you are a landlord, either experienced or new to the rentals property market, then one of the things that you will no doubt wish to make sure is in place is that you have suitable landlord insurance. It probably does not come as a surprise to read that there are numerous providers of such cover so what is important to you when deciding whom to arrange your landlord insurance with?

Is the quality of your landlord insurance more important than the cost or vis versa or are they both as equally important?
Which is more important – the cost or the quality of your landlord insurance cover?

Well, there will be many people who are driven by cost who are looking for the cheapest cover possible as they are on a very tight budget. There will be others who are not concerned about the cost who want a policy that provides fantastic cover.

Because there are an awful lot of insurance companies that provide landlord insurance who are probably competing with each other this surely should only prove beneficial to the landlord looking for such cover. Some of the insurance companies may decide to compete on price and/or the level of cover offered.

Surely it is important that the landlord insurance policy that you arrange, as a minimum, provides you with the level of cover that meets your requirements to provide you with peace of mind. Of course, if you are able to identify a number of insurers that provide the same level of cover that you consider suitable then you may decide to compare the cost of the cover and may decide to choose the company that is offering the cover that you require for the lowest premium.

There are a number of ways that you can source landlord insurance. For instance, you could get in touch with a local insurance broker and obtain one or more quotes to consider. You could ask your bank or building society if they provide such cover. You could go on the Internet and key the likes of “landlord insurance quotation” into your browser’s search box and you will be presented with numerous companies offering such cover including some price comparison websites.

Why Shop Around For Your Landlord Insurance?

If you are considering buying or already own a property that you are to let out one of the things that you will wish to sort out is landlord insurance. Although you are under no legal obligation to do so, you will have paid a considerable sum of money to purchase the property. Therefore, it would make sense to protect your investment by arranging suitable insurance.

By getting a few landlord insurance quotes and looking at the levels of cover may result in you getting the ideal level of cover for a competitive premium
It might be to your financial advantage to shop around for landlord insurance quotes.

If you are arranging a buy to let mortgage, it is quite likely that you will be approached by someone at the bank or building society who will offer to get you a quote for this type of cover. By all means, take them up on their offer and get a quote from them. However, you should seriously consider obtaining other landlord insurance quotes to see if you can improve on the package offered by the insurance company that the lender has referred you to.

When shopping around, you should not just base your decision on how much the landlord insurance premium is but you should also make sure that things like the level of cover meets your requirements and that you are happy with the excesses payable should you have to make a claim. You may also want to do some research into whether the insurer has a good reputation for their level of customer service including when policyholders make a claim.

There are numerous providers of landlord insurance. Therefore, by getting quotes from several companies and looking at the level of standard cover provided as well as any optional extras available, you should be able to make an informed decision as to who you consider is providing the best cover for you for a competitive premium.

So, why not obtain a quote through our website. Our partner, One-Sure Insurance Limited has access to numerous providers of landlord insurance. They guarantee that if you provide written evidence that you got a cheaper quote for the same level of cover with a different insurer within 48 hours of taking out the policy, you will receive any premium back that you have paid and the policy will be cancelled.

Where To Obtain Landlord Insurance Quotes?

Should you be in the throes of buying your first investment property to rent out, one of the things that you will no doubt wish to arrange is landlord insurance to protect things like the building and contents you are going to place in the property. It may not be a legal requirement to do so but it is a sensible course of action to take.

In which case, you are probably wondering where is the best place to obtain one or more landlord insurance quotes. It should not surprise you to read that, as with most things in life, there are a number of options.

It is worth noting that there are not as many companies that provide landlords insurance as there are that arrange ordinary house insurance on a private residential property but it is still important to shop around to try to find the best deal. Of course, when we say: ‘ best deal” we are referring to trying to get the exact level of cover that you require for the lowest premium. You may find that these do not go hand in hand.

So, let’s have a look at some of the places where you can get such quotes from: –

High Street Insurance Brokers

If you prefer to meet someone face to face to discuss and arrange landlord insurance there is likely to be one or more insurance brokers in the high street of the town or city that you live in. You cou

ld call into their offices to enquire if they arrange this specialist form of insurance and, if they do, can they arrange quotes from one or more companies. Obviously, the more companies they can get quotes from, then the more likely they are of finding you a competitive quote(s).

Banks/Building Societies

It is quite possible that if you are arranging a buy to let mortgage through a bank or building society that they can also arrange to provide you with a quote(s) for landlord insurance.

There are a number of price comparison websites that provide landlord insurance quotes
The Internet provides access to quotes for landlord insurance


This may be the most popular place to obtain landlord insurance quotes these days as it is so convenient to do so at any time of the day or night. All you would have to do is key something like: “cheap landlord insurance quotes” into your browser’s search box and you will be presented with a number of websites that include specialist brokers, insurance companies and price comparison websites offering such quotes.

In the case of a price comparison website, who should provide access to a number of landlord insurance companies, you need only key in the requested information once and within minutes may be presented with a variety of quotes and details of the cover available. It may even be possible to go on risk and pay for the cover straightaway.

You will be pleased to hear that you can obtain landlord insurance quotes through our partner via this website.